I like coffee cups, but I only like them when people give them to me. Purchased coffee cups have no soul. Fortunately, I have some really great friends that send me cups once in a while.

These were all gifts that were given for no Hallmark reason. That’s what makes them special. They all say “Hi friend, I was thinking about you for a minute.” That’s a beautiful thing.

I’m fond of saying that one of the best things about being me is my friends. I’m attracted to traits that I don’t possess but aspire to. I’m not being hyperbolic when I say that my friends are all too good for me, and I don’t feel that I deserve them. But there they are. It’s humbling.

You can click on any of the pictures to view them full size.


Fiona gave me my first cup. I love it because she took the time to hand letter my name on it. The black thing sticking out of the top is a t-shirt from Gibraltar that she got me not long before she died. I was born in Gibraltar. It was such a thoughtful thing for her to do when she had so many more important things to think about.

She was the primary inspiration for the character of “Grandma” in the story “What Happened to Grandma?

I’ve only worn the shirt once; at her funeral.

I miss her a lot.

Neil and I have been friends for 30 years. We were roommates for about four. I don’t remember having a single argument or disagreement in all that time.

This mug has a picture of him and Sherryl on it. They look happy, and that makes me happy.

We’re basically brothers but better, because we chose each other.

Alec is the first real life friend I made on social media. We were introduced on Facebook by Wayne, and it quickly became clear we shared musical and comedic taste. That’s a solid foundation for friendship.

The first time we met face-to-face, I went to his house in Vancouver for a beer. It wasn’t until I was sitting in his kitchen that it occurred to me he could be a serial killer for all I knew.  I’m happy to report that so far he hasn’t tried to kill me.

Dr. Shelagh is one of my oldest friends. We’ve known each other since second grade. She’s the only person I know who knew what she wanted to do with her life in elementary school, then followed through and became that thing; a veterinarian.

Her birthday is the day after mine, so we’re exactly the same age give or take 24 hours. She’s smarter than me, nicer than me, and she loves standup comedy. I’m grateful for her presence in my life.

A few years ago, Ja and Sí went to New York City together. Oui I couldn’t go because we couldn’t get time off of work on short notice. They got me this from the HBO store. It’s the same mug Bill Maher his guests use.

It’s a little worse for wear because I put it in the dishwasher instead of hand washing it. I like it more for the “…But I’m Not Wrong” part than the Real Time logo.

2017 Father’s Day present…from Ja. The kids didn’t get me anything, which is OK because I’m not a big Hallmark Holiday guy.

I like how Heisenberg’s hat is a lid.

My parents went to Idaho over the summer to see the total solar eclipse. They brought us t-shirts of the event, but also these mugs that have nothing to do with the event.

They’re huge. I’d guess they hold 20-24 fluid ounces. The one on the left is mine.

I volunteer at the National Music Centre. After my last shift there setting up lights and sound for an after-hours event, the volunteer coordinator (Roberta) sent me a really nice thank you note and said she had some treats to say thank you. It was totally unexpected but very much appreciated and enjoyed. I also got a t-shirt, and limited edition vinyl 45, some coffee, and a toque.

I love helping out there.

It’s a hattrick from Jon and Michaelea.

Jon texted me last week and told me he a couple of cups with my name on them. Figuratively, not literally. I dropped by their house on the weekend to grab them and was once again pleasantly surprised. The Apple cup is pretty cool because I suspect they’re not available to the general public. Not exactly rare, but not easily acquired either.

The other two mugs appear to be Keith Haring inspired. Keith was one of my favourite artists. I have a couple of small prints of his stuff, as well as some books.