Goals for 2016: Reviewed

I’m working up my 2017 goals and will post them on January 1. Here’s a review how my 2016 goals went: I want to stop using the word “is”, as in “this is funny”, for example. Because maybe it’s not funny to you. Instead, I’ll be trying to say “I find this to[…]

"I think fear is good. I think fear keeps you alive." -- Chris Hadfield

Aye Pancakes vs. Fear

Another “Stream of Consciousness” post… I’m accustomed to post-election anger. Everybody gets pissed when their candidate doesn’t win. Accusations fly. Ideological differences erupt. Doom is predicted. That’s OK. Democracy is messy and confrontational. Those of us in the western world still enjoy the best available standard of living on the planet. Even[…]

A Recommendation…

If you enjoy reading ayepancakes.com, there’s a high likelihood that you’ll also find value in the thoughts of my friend Joe. He’s a smart guy, and on more than one occasion has succeeded in convincing me to re-evaluate my position on a topic in which I was previously entrenched. In other words, he makes[…]


Aye Pancakes vs. THC (Part 2)

I added footnotes to the site. Whenever you see a superscript asterisk with a number next to it *1like this, roll the cursor over it. After about a year of being “off the wagon”, I realized something; my gout hadn’t flared-up, and I hadn’t needed to take any of the pharmaceutical drugs my[…]


Aye Pancakes vs. THC (Part 1)

I first smoked the demon weed when I was about 15. It was a rebellious thing to do, partly because of the era – it was the ’70s – and partly because my parents are British. For Brits, all drugs except alcohol are gateway drugs. Alcohol is fine and not dangerous, for some[…]


Zeke’s Health

Over the summer, we had an unusual amount of thunderstorms. Far more than usual. Zeke has never been particularly bothered by storms. He’d sometimes run from the front window to the back, barking at the noise, but he was never what I’d categorize as “stressed”. He actually looked as though he might[…]


Useless Information

Stream of consciousness… In the last couple of weeks, a couple of people have told me my brain is full of lots of “useless information”. I don’t feel like it’s said with malice, but rather a lack of vocabulary, or a lack of empathy, or maybe a lack of ability to think beyond their[…]


Day One

5:45 AM… There’s no way I’m getting out of this rut that I’m in without changing something. Or a few things. But something, one thing, is a start. What I’m trying is bumping my schedule back by about an hour. That means going to sleep at about 11 instead of midnight, and getting up[…]



@midnight is the most inclusive show on TV. On any given night you’ll get male, female, all races, and all levels of fame from unknown #PointsMe winners to internationally acclaimed comedians. It could be any combination of those, or all of one type. It never gets acknowledged like “tonight, we have two gay[…]