"If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am not for others, what am I? And if not now, when?"

The Time I Almost Died (Part 2)

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The next stop on the road to my impending almost-death was Edmonton. Not exactly the most direct route to our next gig in Fort McMurray, but Donny Drummer and Jack Soundguy (nee Lightguy) had hatched a secret plan to pick up Don’s second… Continue Reading →

The Time I Almost Died (Part 1)

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According to the dates gouged into my battered 1983 Ibanez Roadstar, the following events took place in the winter of 1988/89. This story is as factually accurate as possible, considering it all happened 25 years ago, and I was drunk for… Continue Reading →

In Memory of Spotty Dog

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By far, the most read of all my posts… This one is for all you who have dog and cat friends, especially the ones who’ve had to do what we had to do tonight. I wanted to write it now,… Continue Reading →

Thanks Dave

I can’t remember how I first learned that David Letterman existed. It was in the 70’s for sure, because I remember being excited for summer holidays 1980 to begin so I could watch his short-lived morning TV show. It was… Continue Reading →

Andy’s Guest Post

I was writing a few thoughts about last weeks provincial election. Part way through doing that, my old pal Andy wrote something that said almost all of what I wanted to say, but a lot better than I was saying… Continue Reading →

Letters of Uncomplaint #2

Hello Jonas, I’m dropping you this short note to express how happy we are with our experience dealing with Vatsal Sharma. My son recently applied for a student line of credit to pursue his career as a commercial pilot. Apparently… Continue Reading →

You Guys Are Sick

Letters of Uncomplaint

Most people don’t make contact with businesses unless they’re complaining about something. They take good service and nice treatment for granted. While I have been known to write meticulously researched and scathing letters of complaint, I much prefer to write… Continue Reading →

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