Cut In Half And Also Double


@midnight is the most inclusive show on TV. On any given night you’ll get male, female, all races, and all levels of fame from unknown #PointsMe winners to internationally acclaimed comedians. It could be any combination of those, or all… Continue Reading →

Goals for 2016

These are general goals, not specific resolutions. I have a list of specific things I want to get accomplished, but I choose to keep those to myself. I want to stop using the word “is”, as in “this is funny”,… Continue Reading →


I was just saying to Wayne​ that I think part of the reason the death of Lemmy is a hard one for me is that now my childhood heroes are dying of old age. Overdoses and plane crashes are tough… Continue Reading →

Local Facebook User Can’t Believe Leonardo DiCaprio Hasn’t Thoroughly Researched Arcane Weather Phenomena

“IT’S CALLED A CHINOOK! You are shameful and you NEED to educate yourself!”, proclaimed exclamation mark enthusiast Bill Sausage, posing defiantly in front of his IKEA framed GED. “How can a celebrity who lives only 2500 kilometres and one time zone… Continue Reading →

Thanks Dave

I can’t remember how I first learned that David Letterman existed. It was in the 70’s for sure, because I remember being excited for summer holidays 1980 to begin so I could watch his short-lived morning TV show. It was… Continue Reading →

Andy’s Guest Post

I was writing a few thoughts about last weeks provincial election. Part way through doing that, my old pal Andy wrote something that said almost all of what I wanted to say, but a lot better than I was saying… Continue Reading →

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