Gratitude List #5

    1. Walking…
      I’ve had occasion to walk around the neighbourhood a few times this week. Nothing major, just 20 minutes or a ¬†half hour. I love walking around on a nice Spring day with no particular destination or deadline. It makes my brain work better. The effect is multiplied exponentially with the presence of a dawg.
    2. Walking…
      Just walking because I can walk. I don’t need a cane or crutches or a wheelchair. I can just stand up and go to the store or to the mailbox or even just to the kitchen. Many people don’t enjoy that freedom. Those who do usually take it for granted. But if you can walk, maybe try to appreciate what your body is doing mechanically. It’s miraculous.
    3. Walking…
      In some parts of the world, people can’t just walk around whenever they feel like it. They might live where there’s a civil war or drug cartels shooting indiscriminately. They might have to worry about drones and “collateral damage”. They might have to worry about getting raped or abducted if they go out. They can walk, but they can’t go for a walk.
    4. Walking…
      A great actor who is perhaps best known for yelling “MORE COWBELL” on Saturday Night Live.
    5. Walking…
      It’s a kind of bassline in music, often associated with jazz. It sounds really cool and liquid.

Have a good weekend. Go walk your dog.

Gratitude List #4

  1. One of the best things about being me is my friends. All of them have one or more traits I aspire to. They’re all great. I can’t figure out what I did to warrant having such great people in my life.
  2. Kirkland Soft & Chewy chocolate chip granola bars. 100 calories of life-affirming goodness.
  3. Spring. Or at least “Not dead of winter”.
  4. The catering truck on TV and movie sets.
  5. Fountain pens.