I’m WriteWrong

*4:56 AM…alarm goes off* Me: Just hit “snooze”… Me: No. I have to get up and write. Why? What’s going to come of that? I’m going to make money[…]

Celebrity Opinions

Earlier this week, Jane Fonda showed up in Ft. McMurray to tour the oil sands and make some comments. In 2015, Leonardo DiCaprio said something incorrect about a local[…]

Goals for 2017

Get published. Hopefully, it will be a short story, but even if it’s just a guest post on a popular blog or a short newspaper piece, I want a byline[…]

Puppies n’ Shit

When people have diarrhea, they find a place to deal with it and they stay there. It almost paralyzes every muscle except your sphincter, which puckers up like grandma[…]