I’m 3 days away from being 50. I feel mostly OK about that, except I don’t think I’ve been trying hard enough so far.

I’m going to see if I can use this “milestone” birthday as an excuse to start building some better habits. I hope the result will be that I end up being a more satisfied guy. It’s not about money or jobs or relationships or possessions or any of that. It’s 100% about me trying to live up to the potential that I see in myself, but have never demonstrated to any great extent. I want to be proud of myself.

I have a sense of the things I’m good at, so I’m going to do them more often. Armed with that, here’s the blueprint as of right now. It could change tomorrow morning…maybe not “change”…probably “expand”.

The Podcast

I’m working through some basic technical issues such as microphone selection and location. The first few podcasts have all been done in different places with different gear. I think I have a couple more to do before I make any final decisions. That said, I like the first batch. I hear tons of things that need to be fixed on my own part, but I think they are a good length, the editing is pretty decent,  and the guests have been entertaining. I’ve been listening to a few podcasts for inspiration, and I’m going to cherry-pick some techniques and ideas from them to make my podcast sound more like I want it to. Nothing major, just constant tweaks and – hopefully – improvements.

I’m going to shoot for 1 or 2 episodes per month. One a week is too much, because each 20 minutes you hear represents at least a couple of hours of work. While doing the podcast is fun, I still have a day job, and there are other things I also want to do.

The last podcast was published a couple of months ago, but I have three new guests in various stages of being scheduled. I hope to have a new episode out before the end of this month.

You can listen to old episodes and keep an eye out for new episodes on both Stitcher and iTunes.

The TV Show

We’ve been half-heartedly hacking away at this for a couple of years now. Last summer, we experimented filming a short episode. It was fun to do, but it turned out bad. Lousy audio is the biggest problem, but there are lots of others. We’re going to try and do something creative with it to make it usable, but I’m honestly not that hopeful. It may very well never see the light of day.

That’s OK, because we’ve decided to get more organized and more dedicated to our original idea for a proper TV show. I won’t tell you about it yet, but as things develop I’ll post them here. I’m confident that the people I’m working with are going to be able to keep each other on track and make progress. It’s great having a team. I like teams.


I’ve got a couple of things besides writing the TV show that I’ll be working on.  People keep telling me to write more, but what they don’t realize is that I write quite a lot, I just don’t publish very much.

The first thing is a novel. I know…it’s a cliche. But like I said, I have a sense of what I’m good at. I’m good at writing. I’m not great, although I think one day I could be. It’s going to take hundreds of thousands more words being written. If I could finish a novel – never mind get it published – I’d be proud of myself. I think finishing a book is worthy of me.

The plan is to try and write a page a day, although as of today I’ve written zero. I’ve been sick, and lazier than usual. That’s probably not a great way to start, but there’s no sense beating up on myself.

The second thing to work on more is this blog. I’m going to try and publish every Sunday. I’ll make notes and start writing every Monday, and hopefully have something readable by Sunday. I’m going to call it the Sunday Slam. I hope you’ll find it to be offensive and tiresome and boring and funny and profound and idiotic and pointless and poetic and unique and common.

I’m shooting for 500 words, but it might go long if somebody or something gets on my nerves or makes me laugh. I have a bunch of drafts with titles like “The Agnostic Voice”, “Music Liker”, “Don’t Respect Your Elders”, “Why I Hate Golfers”, and “Everything Means Nothing”. The title of that last one is a problem for me, because it’s what keeps me from doing anything. It might be a while before I can word it appropriately, and I will savour the irony when you finally get to read it.

See you next week.