Tales from the land of beard…

My beard is at that awkward in-between stage that is typically associated with growing out the hair on the top of one’s head. The stage at which you’d wear a hat 24 hours a day to cover up the goofiness. I did not expect this, and am not sure how to deal with it.

You can have it fast, you can have it cheap, you can have it good. Choose two…

54 is an odd time to start a new life path, workwise. It seems like most of my peer group are talking retirement in the next decade or so. Some are already semi-retired and only working at stuff they love because they’ve been smart with their money*1and yes, got a bit lucky too. But here I am, working retail and loving it so far.

Do I wish I was in a salaried position making bigger bucks? Of course.

Do I think that salaried position will happen in the next twelve months? Absolutely. There is nothing but opportunity with Four20. It’s a great company.

Do I care what anyone else thinks about my “station in life” and/or that I should be deeply ensconced in a career by now? Not really. Not anymore. I’m trying to do what I need to do to be happy. Wearing a suit and going to a faceless office job will not make me happy, regardless of what the paycheque might be. It’s been an epiphany.

Those close to me have noticed not only a change in my general demeanor, but physical changes too. My “radio voice” is back. The stress of the very very very very very awful DataHive apparently lead to me speaking mostly from my throat. Now that stress is gone, I sound like a man again.

It’s good to be back in the light.

As for the headline that started this section, I chose cheap and good and I could not be happier.

Tales from the land of beard, redux…

I was standing by the front door of the store a couple of days ago when two young gents were on their way out. I said, “Have a good night, guys” and they responded with, “Thanks! You too.”

Than one of them stuck his head back in the door and said, “Killer beard, dude.”

I LOL’d.

Uncle Aye’s cannabis primer – Part 1…

My three weeks working at Four20 has made it clear that most people have no idea what they’re talking about when it comes to cannabis. For the next few Nervous Human posts, I’m going to give some quick tips to help you understand what cannabis is. It’s no longer simply “calling your guy and getting a bag of weed”. There’s a lot to it, and if you have a basic understanding, you can enhance your experience*2I will NOT being giving medical advice. I’m not a doctor.

Let’s start with the basic types of cannabis.

Sativa: Sativa plants are tall (up to twenty feet) with narrow, lighter green leaves. Their native range is more tropical/equatorial. Sativa is the “daytime high”. It’s known to be more energizing and may provide some boosts in creativity.

I personally find that Sativa makes me feel panicky and anxious, so unless I can balance it off with lower THC concentrations, higher CBD concentrations, or appropriate terpene profiles*3More on CBD and terpenes later I avoid it. I also don’t like to be high during the day so there’s not a lot of incentive for me to use Sativa.

Your mileage may vary.

Indica: Indica plants are shorter than sativa plants, growing to anywhere between three and ten feet. Their native range is in the higher latitudes of Afghanistan and India. Like most northern plants, they are shorter and bushier. Indica is a darker green with broader leaves.

Indica provides the “nighttime” high*4Indica = In da couch. It’s relaxing and more of a body stone. If you’re going to get couch lock, it’s more than likely going to happen with an indica strain.

I like a nice balanced indica with as close to a 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD as I can find. 10% is perfect for me. It does a better job of masking the pain of my gout than my pharmaceutical prescription.

Again, your mileage may vary.

Hybrid: Truth be told, all recreational and medicinal cannabis plants are hybrids. Growers are always looking to improve their strain*5yes…marijuana is a GMO, just like corn and carrots and a thousand other plants we consume, so indicas and sativas have been cross-bred for decades, if not centuries.

We usually refer to hybrids as “indica dominant” or “sativa dominant”. The way to determine which is which is to try them out and see if the daytime/energizing high results, or the more relaxing high results. If cannabis is labelled as a sativa dominant, it means some people at the licensed producer tried it out and determined what kind of high they were having because there’s no way to tell just by looking at the plant.

Hybrids often deliver a nice, balanced experience.

Your results may vary

Ruderalis: This is “ditch weed”. It’s small and hardy but does not deliver any of the effects we’ve come to love in our cannabis. It has been cross-bred with indicas and sativas in order to take advantage of its shorter flowering time. 

You’ll never see it referenced in recreational shops or in medical dispensaries.

In the next dispatch, I’ll discuss THC and CBD.

Tales from the land of beard, re-redux…

My beard is now long enough that I usually wake up with the facial equivalent of bed-head. When I get out of bed I look like this, but much hairier…

Aye’s Book Club…

Christmas at the Vinyl Cafe by Stuart McLean

Charming and hilarious. This collection of Christmas themed short stories is family friendly and worth reading again every holiday season.

If I’m ever half the story teller Mr. McLean was, I’ll consider myself to be very successful. 

That’s it for now. Thanks for dropping by.


– Pancakes

Footnotes   [ + ]

1. and yes, got a bit lucky too
2. I will NOT being giving medical advice. I’m not a doctor.
3. More on CBD and terpenes later
4. Indica = In da couch
5. yes…marijuana is a GMO, just like corn and carrots and a thousand other plants we consume