The annual list of goals for the upcoming year.

  1. Get goals for 2020 out on January 1 instead of sleeping until January 23. 
  2. Grow some weed.

    I found a seed in a container of Blueberry Kush. I have a south-facing back yard and since growing four plants per household is now legal in Canada, I’m going to put that seed in some dirt and see what happens.I have no interest in becoming “a grower”. I have neither the time, patience, or interest in taking up a time consuming hobby. I can’t even keep up with my writing and music and reading. I’m investing no time or money into growing this seed, other than building a little greenhouse out of scrap materials to protect it from hail and aphids. It’s a weed. If it gets sun and water it’ll grow.

  3. “Experimenting”

    This is my new standard response whenever someone asks, “what are you doing?”

  4. Build more standup gardens.I tried one last summer and was really happy with the results. I got a nice crop of lettuce and carrots with far fewer bugs and weeds. It’s also easier on the back.These are cheap and easy to build out of old pallets and it’s a nice way to spend a sunny spring afternoon out in the yard.
  5. Sweep picking, juggling, card tricks and banjo rolls get another shot.These are perpetual goals. They’re not important but are things I’d like to be able to do at some point. I’d also like to learn how to ride a unicycle and to learn how to play my fiddle.
  6. Declutter at least one room in the house.We have a medium sized house with almost no storage space available. I aim to make at least one room as sparse and functional as possible. Probably the office/studio/spare bedroom. It shouldn’t be that difficult because we have way too much stuff. I just need to get in the mood for doing it.