The secret of life is to appreciate the pleasure of being terribly, terribly deceived. ~ Oscar Wilde

  • What’s BLiggy listening to? “Tornado Alley” by Viva Voce. Hat tip to Parky for bringing this one to my attention. In his words “When I first heard this track, I thought maybe Sheryl Crow had gotten a whole lot cooler…

  • *Pro Tip – Queueing up YouTube videos* Lets say you’re watching an 8 minute video on YouTube and you wanna to share it, but the part you want to share starts at 5:43. Instead of just copy/pasting the link and saying “wait until 5:43! It’s so cool!”, why not add the time you’d like to queue the video to at the end of the URL? Like this (the part in red is what you’ll be adding):
    Totally works. Cool huh? ~ BLiggy

  • Deep down in every man – some deeper than others – is a voice saying “I should try this.” ~ BLiggy

    Sgt. Pepper I presume...

  • I just really like this image. That’s all. ~ BLiggy

  • How to make a hollowed out book to hide your decoder ring and x-ray glasses in. ~ BLiggy

  • VW sets single-tank distance record with 1,527-mile Passat BlueMotion. ~ Burdell

  • A woman left her Paris apartment before World War II and never returned. After her recent death, appraisers opened the doors of the flat for the first time in more than 70 years. Among many other antiques, they found a 19th century portrait of her grandmother painted by Giovanni Boldini, valued at €2.1 million. ~ Burdell

  • This might very well be a hoax or a stunt from some Korean TV show, but it’s funny all the same. *cue “Instant Karma” by Lennon* ~ BLiggy