If Elizabeth May and the Green Party play this ridiculous snubbing from the televised debates right, it will work out well for them in the long run. They don’t have the budget to buy the kind of attention this is getting them. All Elizabeth May has to do is surf the outrage wave.

Most Canadians hate seeing an underdog get kicked. We hate the appearance and implications of a good-old-boys club. We hate big corporations telling us what we can and can’t see or do. I believe some people might vote Green as a show of support even if they don’t explicitly subscribe to the Green platform. It’s more of a middle finger to the establishment. We Canucks like doing that as long as it can be done anonymously, and what’s more anonymous than a vote?

I don’t think they have a hope in hell of forming the next government or opposition, and May doesn’t seem like a particularly charismatic leader to me, but I’d much rather see the Green Party win a bunch of seats than the Bloc. As somebody remarked on Facebook recently, “they’re conservatives who recycle”. Cool. That sounds good I guess.

There’s no point in debating ’cause I’m already right about everything. How’s that for wu wei?

As far as the free publicity being generated by the snubbing, Elizabeth and the Greens should remember this quote that is attributed to Mötley Crüe’s Nikki Sixx (everybody knows who he is…even people who don’t like him or his music): “I don’t give a shit what people write about us, as long as they print a good picture with the article.”

In other words; a picture is worth a thousand words. Right now, the picture for the Green Party looks pretty rock and roll.

*What the hell is wu wei?*