“The Future is already here. Its just not evenly distributed.” ~ William Gibson

  1. What is Zeke Andrew Pancakes listening to? “Ride to California” by Paper Tongues:
    tall guy put this on my iphone and i want to sing along with it but i just sound like scooby doo and i like the singer in this band.

  2. These motorcycle helmets are pretty interesting. Some of them are cool, but some are guaranteed to get you an atomic wedgie by the first Harley rider you encounter. ~ BLiggy

  3. Google’s plan to challenge Apple’s dominance in the music marketplace is advancing more rapidly than expected, say music industry sources… Google…is now speaking to the Harry Fox Agency (which) collects and distributes license fees to music publishers and houses rights to some 27,000 songs.” You have to start somewhere I guess, but by comparison iTunes has about 12,000,000 songs, 150,000 Podcasts and 20,000 hours of audio books in addition to music videos, TV shows, movies, games, apps and e-books. They are the largest music retailer on Earth, with about 70% of online music sales. Walmart hasn’t dethroned iTunes. Neither has Amazon. Makes you wonder if Google even has a chance, especially with a paltry 27K song catalogue. ~ Burdell

  4. Here’s my theory; people who use “LOL” a lot are the same people who laugh too hard and too often at things that aren’t funny in face to face conversation. Both are expressions of nervousness I think. These people need to make it clear that they’re “just joking” and are harmless. I, on the other hand, don’t give a shit if you can tell if I’m joking or not. I also desire to be harmful at times. Anyways, here’s something that the nervous group might find appealing; a sarcasm punctuation mark. All you LOLers may now have some actual punctuation to overuse!!!!!!! Now all we need is an “irony” mark. How about “¿”? ~ BLiggy

    via Slashdot – “SarcMark is a copyrighted punctuation mark, that claims “It’s time that sarcasm is treated equally!”, pretty damn cheeky while they’re charging for their software, which only inserts their punctuation through a hotkey. Open Sarcasm is destroying SarcMark by advocating a new punctuation mark (the “upside down” exclamation mark – ¡) as the new open and free sarcasm symbol.” Viva la revolución¡ ~ Burdell

  5. I like this painting of a possible future (or present depending on how you look at it). Walled cities of techno-utopia surrounded by the rest of the world living in the middle ages.  Here is a link to the large version on Zilinzky’s site. ~ BLiggy

    Radoslav Zilinsky’s 2007 artwork “The World”

    You can play “Snake” on YouTube now. It only works with the new player, the one with the red progress bar that auto-hides. It doesn’t work with the old style grey progress bar. Here’s one that I found after a few re-loads. As soon as the video starts loading and while the video screen is still black, press Pause. Then hold down your left arrow key until the snake appears, at which time you can use all your arrow keys to change directions. It moves really fast, so be ready. Hat tip to Arizona for telling me about this. ~ BLiggy

    YouTube Snake

  7. US federal judge rules “Vitaminwater is really just a sugary snack food; non-carbonated fruit coke disguised as a sports drink…it’s composed mostly of sugar and not vitamin-laden water.” File under “No kidding? I. Am. Surprised ¡” ~ BLiggy

  8. have a beagle break and carry on with your day. ~ Pancakes

    Not quite as good as a Yellow Lab, but still pretty great especially when compared to cats and squirrels