In perfect world, Tony Hayward’s severance package would be, “get out of here before we kick the shit out of you.” ~ Seth Meyers

  1. Song of the Day: “Louis Riel” by The Ghost Is Dancing. I like The New Pornographers and I like MGMT, and this band kind of reminds me of both of those bands. They’re from Toronto. ~ BLiggy
    [audio:|titles=Louis Riel]

  2. Darth Vader robs a bank. Who among us hasn’t at one time given this exact plan serious consideration? Robbing a bank might not be cool, but doing ANYTHING while dressed as Lord Vader is, so I have to award this an honourary “FTW”. ~ BLiggy

  3. On Friday, I posted a story about why money supposedly makes you unhappy. Today I’m posting an example of why I think that is a ridiculous theory. This house would make me happy. I would think you’d need some money to acquire it. Case closed. ~ Burdell

  4. From a bike to a stroller in 20 seconds. I wish I had this when my kids were small. Would be so cool to ride to the store and convert to a stroller for shopping. People are so smart and creative if you just give them the chance. Taga Bikes. ~ BLiggy

  5. Journalists can get all excited about this $35 Linux powered tablet all they want, I think it’s going to suck goat scrotum. ~ BLiggy

  6. this is awesome because it means a squirrel got dead. ~ Pancakes

  7. Got an Apple product? Need repairs or support? The Stem is now in business. Their specialty is out of warranty Mac repairs, as well as iPhone and iPad glass or LCD replacements. Training sessions are available too. The full story is on the website. ~ BLiggy
    *Disclosure* Rick Gold is a friend and business associate. He knows his shit though, so don’t hold that against him. He’s a good guy despite his association with me.

  8. Origami that will blow your mind. ~ BLiggy