Democracy consists of choosing your dictators, after they’ve told you what you think it is you want to hear. – Alan Corenk

  1. What is BLiggy listening to? “Long Hot Summer Day” by Sara Watkins. Might seem like an odd pick from me, but it’s done in honour of the upcoming Team BLig AGM in Orlando (where – as I write this – the temperature is in the mid 30’s…SWEET!). You may recognize Sara if you’re a Nickel Creek fan. She has such a great voice.


  2. Cancer cells really like high fructose corn syrup. It makes them strong. U.S. consumption of high fructose corn syrup went up 1,000 percent between 1970 and 1990, researchers reported in 2004 in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. The most obvious culprit is soft drinks, but if you read “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” you’ll find that it’s in lots of food. ~ Burdell (hat tip to Jes)

  3. Here’s a good illustration of what’s wrong with America. 7-year-old Julie Murphy opened up a lemonade stand at a monthly art fair in Northeast Portland, but The Man shut her down because she didn’t get a $120 temporary restaurant license. ~ Burdell


  4. Shark Week in Graphs. I’m most fond of The Awesome/Scary scale and Things Sharks Say. ~ BLiggy

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  5. An F-22 Raptor and an F-15 Eagle pull into a vertical climb over the Nevada Test and Training Range. Awesome. End of story. ~ BLiggy

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  6. Your beautiful eyes. ~ BLiggy

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  7. Rare colour photographs of the Depression Era. ~ Burdell

    Strange seeing this instead of black & white or sepia

  8. *NERDGASM* ~ BLiggy

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