TGIF (testicles go in front).

  1. Here’s the song of the day. The band is Broadway Calls, and this is from their self-titled first album. They have a newer record out named “Good News, Bad Views”, but I like this song. So there you go. If you like this, then go check them out on MySpace.

  2. Paige Davis

    Paige Davis

    Simple. Cheap. Really cool. A headboard made out of an old church pew. This makes me miss Trading Spaces. Actually, I only miss Paige Davis.

  3. I love this, because I’m a fan of elegant solutions to problems. Logic FTW.

  4. The worlds coolest iPad dock. Two thumbs up; one for creative thinking, the other for keeping stuff out of the landfill.

  5. Like.

  6. My buddy Daryl sent me this. He likes soccer. I do not. After watching guys play for the Stanley Cup with broken feet, broken ribs, lots of stitches, teeth knocked out and dislocated shoulders it pisses me off to see the elemental lack of courage demonstrated by soccer wankers.

  7. Congrats Vancouver, you aren’t the only city that herds up its homeless and less prosperous fortunate members of society and hides them before the rest of the world can see that they exist. I also thought District 9 was a shitty movie.

  8. I dislike paying for ringtones for my iPhone. I’ve already purchased the full length song for 99 cents, why would I buy a 30 second clip for 3 bucks? Here’s simple instructions for cutting together your own ringtones. Pro Tip: Use Garageband or Audacity to cut together the perfect clip first, then follow the instructions above.