Number of highest-earning Canadians paying no income tax is growing

I’m of two minds about this, split about 75/25.

On the 25 hand, I admire the skills and knowledge it takes to avoid having the government take your money. This applies not to the tax dodgers, but to the accountants and lawyers who have a deep understanding of the tax code and how to legally manipulate it to their advantage. People who are really good at things impress me.

On the 75 hand, the sole reason these people can make the amount of money they make and live the very excellent lifestyle they live is because they’re in Canada. Presumably they drive on public roads to get to their well-paying jobs. They probably also appreciate the fire and police departments, and all the other things that we all pay into so we can enjoy the benefits. These people should be grateful for their good fortune, and they should pay into the system that makes it possible.

If you’re smart enough to know how to play the system, you should also be smart enough to know that the system provides you a whole lot of benefits. Not paying into it is stealing, pure and simple.