As we near the end of week #2 of The Great Pancakes Unemployment Experiment, I find myself feeling more like “me” than I’ve felt in years. I’m sleeping better, my head has stopped hurting 24/7, and I feel an optimism and excitement about what lies ahead.

This afternoon I completed my volunteer application for the National Music Centre. My pal Dean suggested this to me months ago, but I couldn’t seem to work up any enthusiasm or energy after an enervating day at the sweatshop. I hope they accept my application. At worst, it’ll be fun to go hang out at this incredible place once or twice a week. At best, it’ll be a great networking opportunity that might lead to a job, ideally at the NMC. It wasn’t until I started listing the reasons why I wanted to volunteer there and what I could offer the that I understood what a good fit it will be.

I met with my friend Garth earlier in the week and had a good discussion about doing some affiliate marketing from niche websites. I can’t see it being a big money-maker, but that’s not my goal. As I told Mrs. Pancakes, I’d much rather have 10 income streams that generate $5-$10K per year each than one job that pays $50-$100K. I don’t ever want to be in the position again where one person has all the control over my income, and can take it away at will. There’s some learning to do, but Garth feels that I know more than enough to get started right away. He and I will prop each other up and help each other address our individual weak spots.

I haven’t been writing any Zeke & Tall Guy stories at all, but I promise a new one next Tuesday. That’s the deal I made with myself; a new Z&TG tale on the second Tuesday of each month. Although losing my job has been a huge mental relief, it’s also messed with my schedule. I find myself with time to play with the dog and go for walks, so I’m doing that instead of writing. I’m also looking for jobs (in case Service Canada is reading this). I’m really interested in getting involved in the medical cannabis field in some way. I believe in it and I think it’s a growing industry (pun intended) as opposed to the stagnant Calgary IT industry.

Alice starts puppy classes next Wednesday. She already knows a lot of stuff, but this will help us out with some niggling things that we haven’t been able to teach her. She’s smart enough. It’s a people problem. Mrs. Pancakes, Oui, and I are all going together. It’s a nice family activity that we all enjoy, and ALice will be that much better for it. Once this class is done, we’re giving pretty serious consideration to getting her into agility training. I want other dog owners to be envious of what a great pup we have.

Here’s a fun thing: A book I had on hold at the library came in. I don’t remember putting it on hold and I have no idea what it’s about.  I think it’s a novel, but I’m not sure. I’m not going to read the description on the dust jacket. Not going to Google it. I’m just going to start reading and ride the wave to the beach. It’s an adventure. I’m looking forward to this.

All-in-all, life is great.

– Pancakes