Here are some things that happened on my bike ride home from work yesterday…


A guy on a longboard was carving the path ahead of me. I rang my bell, but he was absorbed in his tunes and didn’t hear me. I cut a pretty wide arc around him, off the path and onto the grass. No big deal. I have to do that sort of thing all the time. When he saw me, he said “Oh sorry dude! I totally didn’t hear you. My bad.” My experience has been that if he was a pedestrian, he’d have given me a dirty look and mumbled something about how people on bikes are dangerous.

Conclusion: Pedestrians are often the most unpredictable and obnoxious users of the path system. Skaters are often the most well-mannered and respectful and in-control. Skaters win.


I have never said “Hi” or “Good afternoon” so often and in such a short period of time as when I encounter approaching cyclists. Almost everybody will at least nod or give some sort of verbal greeting as we pass each other. It’s nice. Cyclists seem to be so happy just to be out for a ride that they can’t help but be in a good mood.People give you a warning when they’re going to pass. A ring of the bell followed up with “…on your left…” is standard. Unlike drivers, nobody flips the bird.

Impromptu micro-pelotons are common. A group of 2-5 commuters will bunch up, swap leads, and have a chat until it’s time for them to peel off on their own route. If you want to reinforce your belief that most humans are pretty decent, going for a bike ride is a good place to start. If you don’t believe that most humans are good, you need to go for a few bike rides to dissuade yourself of your incorrect beliefs.


As I was riding past the Telus Spark, a lady was walking three dogs. She saw me coming, and moved herself and the dogs off the path and onto the grass. I slowed down anyway, because dogs can be dopey sometimes and dart out in front of moving things. As I passed her I said “Those are some handsome puppies”. She said “Thank you :-)”

I laughed to myself, because she had nice boobs. She automatically assumed I was complimenting her on her dogs…which I was…but I might not have been…because she had nice boobs. The dogs were average looking. Too bad she wasn’t walking her owls, because then I could have said “those are some great looking hooters.”



I was maintaining an even 30K clip along the Nose Creek section of the path. Feeling pretty good about that pace was short live however, when a dude in skinny jeans on a fixie hammered past me like I was standing still. He was doing 40, easily.

Being out of shape sucks.