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Remembrance Day

It pisses me off that ANYTHING happens at 11 AM on Remembrance Day. There should be no shopping, no driving, no TV watching, no anything. Everybody needs to shut their life down for a measly couple of minutes to contemplate and appreciate the sacrifices that have been made, and will continue to be made, by our fellow citizens in the military.

I have a giant problem in general with the concept of military action and who pulls those strings and why, but that’s never to be confused with my gratitude for the individual people – my neighbours and friends and family – who go to war in the name of their country.

So at 11 AM today, stop. Just stop…and consider how fortunate you are to be living a life where the loss of two minutes seems like an impediment to the progress through your day.

And then get on with being happy and working and playing. Because that’s what they fought for, and that’s what they would have wanted.


Three years after this post was published, it seems very little has changed. See this disappointing report out of Edmonton: Cadets distributing poppies turned away


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  1. Amen to that Mr. Pancakes. I mentioned yesterday how it saddened me how we have gone from Remembrance Day to Remembrance Minute….if that.

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