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In descending order of completely unpredictable trajectories and random, turrets-like flinches , the most dangerous people on the Calgary pathway system are…

  1. Homeless and/or drunk people
  2. Anyone wearing headphones
  3. People with dogs not on leashes
  4. People with dogs on leashes
  5. Garden variety pedestrians
  6. People learning to rollerblade
  7. People “who already know how to rollerblade”
  8. Recreational cyclists in pairs
  9. Recreational cyclists looking at the tall buildings and pretty flowers
  10. Skateboarders
  11. Joggers
  12. Canada Geese
  13. Commuter cyclists


  1. Damn straight. Preach brother BLiggy, preach.

  2. I ran in to Bachelor number 1 on your list yesterday in the plus 15…. So drunk he was ‘pinballing’ down the hall to the point where I altered my route… I feel your pain….

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