The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man. ~ George Bernard Shaw

  1. What’s Burdell listening to?
    “Tennessee Jed” by Levon Helm. Always my favourite member of The Band, the guy just oozes cool. If I’m 1/10 as awesome as this guy when I’m 70, I will be grateful.

  2. Whether you are a fan of cycling, a fan of photography or a fan of beautiful French scenery, you will enjoy these images from the 2010 Tour de France. ~ BLiggy
    Part 1
    Part 2

  3. You may not be aware that you can buy decommissioned missile bases in the US. They aren’t much more expensive than a normal house, but they are literally bomb-proof and you get a good chunk of land with most of them. The real expense comes in fixing them up (have a look at the 2.3 million place in Adirondack State Park). A very cool lifestyle choice. ~ Burdell (with a hat tip to Wayne)

    On the other end of the housing spectrum is this sweet signal shed in the middle of nowhere. Much more affordable and, depending on your temperament, possibly more desirable than a missile silo. ~ BLiggy

  4. snoop dogg meets a sea lion. ~ Pancakes

    Photo: Bob Couey - SeaWorld San Diego via Getty Images

  5. If you use Windows and Firefox, be aware that there’s a new fake Flash update scam going around right now. Don’t you people ever get sick of this shit? Linux and Mac users…go ahead and continue enjoying the interwebs with no concerns. ~ BLiggy

  6. The eight weirdest radioactive products that people actually used. As my buddy Daryl said, “Personally, my sphincter muscles involuntarily twitched when I read about the radon suppositories.” ~ BLiggy

  7. Good news; is officially a money making enterprise now. ~ BLiggy

    Lunch is on me. In 2017.

  8. An amusing goal celebration during an Icelandic football game. The pose and picture with the big prize totally makes it work for me. It gets funnier with each viewing. ~ BLiggy