Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers. ~ Tony Robbins

  1. What is Burdell listening to? “Whoa Mule” by Raymond Fairchild. Anything with banjo in it is fine by me, and holy smokes can this guy play.

  2. Win at Rock, Paper, Scissors every time. ~ BLiggy

  3. see? see? i told you monkeys are awesome! triple yay for monkeys! I LOVE MONKEYS! give them all of my milkbones and three squeaky toys. ~ Pancakes

    Monkey saves dog from fire

  4. Is there any good reason for ice cream – basically milk, sugar and eggs – to cost more per ounce than wild Atlantic smoked salmon or prime rib-eye? ~ BLiggy

  5. I think that we all suspect – on some level – that this sort of thing is happening on the internet. In fact if you DON’T suspect this, you should probably not even be allowed to be on the web. All the same, it’s somewhat disconcerting to have it confirmed. ~ Burdell

  6. Drew Carey has dropped 80 pounds since January. This isn’t important or anything, I just like Drew Carey and I’m glad he’s healthier so he can be funny for a long time. The before and after pictures are interesting. ~ BLiggy

  7. The mammal is in his grasp, next he’s going to crush and eat it. ~ BLiggy


    is “ugdorable” a word? it should be. ~ Pancakes

    A baby long-eared bat

  8. Jeezuz America…no wonder you guys are such fat-asses. I can’t even imagine the health ramifications of eating this kind of garbage. ~ BLiggy