I’m changing course a little here on BLig. Keeping it to just tech topics was boring for me. I like technology, but I like other stuff too. So I’m gonna post other stuff that I find interesting. I dunno why I didn’t think of this earlier. I’ve done enough creative stuff in my life that I should have already learned the “keep yourself happy first” lesson.

Every day I find all kinds of stuff that I pass along to my friends via Facebook and email. Most of them seem to find value in at least one or two things I post, so I’m morphing BLig into a link aggregator presented in my trademarked snarky but pragmatic style. I like #8, so I’m going to shoot for 8 links every day.

I hope you like it.

  1. I found this interesting, because it’s a common complaint about doctors. It’s unique however, because it’s written by a doctor who is also a patient. I’m going to print this off and surreptitiously leave it on my doctors desk next time I visit. By the way, I don’t have any friends that are doctors (other than Glen, but we’ve all seen “The Hangover”…”He’s only a dentist”).
  2. Sad but true…the circle of no life. Mine’s more a triangle, but even Elton John can’t make “The Triangle of Life” sound appealing.
  3. I like this because I ride my bike a lot. I think more people should ride their bikes a lot.
  4. Methods That Have Been Tried to Stop the Leaking Oil.
  5. Sand sculptures that will blow your mind.
  6. 91% of the world’s supercomputers are powered by Linux. Your crappy desktop is probably still powered by Windows.
  7. Every sitcom uses the same newspaper. Whoever noticed this clearly has OCD.
  8. HP assigns email addresses to their printers, so you don’t have to worry about drivers and stuff. Simply email your doc/pictures to the printer.