I think that one day, most Americans will look back on their current gun problem in much the same way most Americans today look back on slavery; with shame that such awful things happened to so many people in the name of bigger profits for a select few.

The Americans that do not will likely be direct descendants of today’s gravy sweating cousin fuckers that need to carry a gun to feel like they’re whole. Violence is always the solution south of the 49th. It’s part of the vernacular. Songs are “#1 with a bullet”. Tie games are settled with “a shoot-out”. There’s a “war on drugs” and seemingly all the other fun things. The examples go on and on. Now that you’re aware of it you’ll see it every day.

It’s scary to live right next door to a culture that fetishizes murder on such an astonishing scale. It’s like playing that “Pie Face” game, but instead of the little kid getting hit in the face with delicious whipped cream, someone blows his brains out while he’s at school or church or the movies. And then everyone else gets murdered too.