Here’s my weekly list of things I’m grateful for.

  1. The new episode of Dave Letterman’s Netflix show with George Clooney is absolutely charming. When George’s father, Nick, welcomes Dave into his house, Dave says,”How are you?” and Mr Clooney says “Better for seeing you”. I find that to be a classy and warm way to greet to someone. So much better than “Fine, thanks.” I’m going to use it…sometimes…on people who I like.
  2. We got a Soda Stream for Christmas. I use it to make carbonated water and then flavour it with Mio. I’ve lost a few pounds by cutting back on Coke.
  3. My iPhone 6 is still going strong after three years of heavy use, meaning I don’t have to get jail raped by Apple for a new phone for a little while yet.
  4. Sun. It’s -17 right now, but it’s so bright and sunny that I don’t care as long as I can stay inside.
  5. Learning how to play guitar. I’m not very good anymore, but it’s nice to be able to pick up an instrument and play something simple and musical. It’s good for the soul.