As usual, I’m first going to review my goals for 2018 before discussing 2019. The full post of 2018 is here, but I’ll recap them here so you don’t have to revisit the past. The results are in red italics after each goal.

  • I’m going to go offline for a 24 hour period once a week – Saturday evening through Sunday evening.
    • I managed to do this about 90% of the time, so I’m calling it a success. In fact, I’ve managed to cut my overall time online considerably. I check email once or twice a day at most. I check Facebook less often than I used to. I deleted Twitter from my phone and never really check it at all anymore. I’ve achieved a better digital/analogue balance. I don’t feel like it’s had specific benefits but in general I feel more level.
  • “He does not suffer fools gladly”. I want people to say this about me. I will be bringing a gun to all knife fights.
    • I’m not sure about this one. I didn’t really end up in any situations where I could judge my reaction. Other people are better suited to evaluate this goal for me.
  • 100 Days to learn…
    • Going to try juggling and card tricks again…
      They didn’t get a fair shake in 2017.
      • Complete fail. I didn’t even attempt these.
    • Planks and pushups.
      • I was pretty good with this for about 60 days in January and February but then I gave up. It didn’t feel or look like I was making any headway at all. I guess I’m already satisfied with my appearance.
    • Cursive writing.
      • 100% success. I started writing with a fountain pen on January 1 and didn’t miss a single day. I’m part way through my third journal book. I hand wrote letters to friends. I have an idea/sketch book full of random ideas. Most importantly, I started writing all the Zeke & Tall Guy stories in longhand. It takes a lot longer than writing on the laptop but the result is better. There’s a more natural rhythm. It’s hard to explain, but writing longhand is a better way for me to get my ideas into rough drafts.
    • Sweep picking on the guitar.
      • Same result as juggling and card tricks. No effort applied at all.
    • Banjo.
      • Same result as sweep picking. I picked the banjo up and played it but I’m no better a player than I was at this time last year.

So I had a couple of successes, a couple of marginal passes, and a few fails. I’m satisfied with that in light of what a weird year it was in so many ways. 

Goals for 2019 is in draft format and I’ll publish it in a day or two.

Haste ye back.

– Pancakes