These are general goals, not specific resolutions. I have a list of specific things I want to get accomplished, but I choose to keep those to myself.

  1. I want to stop using the word “is”, as in “this is funny”, for example. Because maybe it’s not funny to you. Instead, I’ll be trying to say “I find this to be funny” and you can decide for yourself.
  2. I’m done reading comments on the internet, particularly on news stories. I no longer feel like expending brain power wondering how so many people can be so incredibly stupid. Opinions are like assholes; everybody has one and they all stink except mine.As for Facebook and blog posts and the like, my goal is to present and then move along. I’m weary of engaging. I’ll leave the discussion and “joke improvement” to others while I try to find other stories and topics that interest me. Besides, comments are rarely funnier than the original post.
  3. I want to speak more nicely to family members. I find I can be calm and polite with the stranger serving me coffee, and then snap at family. I guess that’s because I figure family will forgive me, and they do…but that’s not the way it should be. I’m going to watch my tone of voice.
  4. Specific creative goals I have will be identified once they’re complete. I no longer want to say I’m going to write or record or produce something and then not deliver it because I’m lazy or tired. I want to make things because I want to make them, not because of some promise I made to other people.
  5. More reading and writing. Less TV.
  6. More outside. Less inside.
  7. Conscious effort to be happy and grateful. It’s a choice for all of us. We either create our own plan, or we become part of someone else’s…and lots of people are bitter and sad, even if they don’t realize it. I’m not out to be the village idiot who’s always happy no matter what. I’m out to be a person who tries to always see the best angle. That being said, sometimes there’s no good angle.