I took yesterday off because what’s the point in being the boss if you can’t treat your employees well?

  1. Song of the Day: “Colorectal Surgeon” by Bowser and Blue. “18 holes a day” – BLiggy

  2. Renicarnation? This is fascinating. – Burdell (hat tip to Lennea)

  3. Toad liquor. Rad. – BLiggy

    my uncle licked a toad once. he told me the toad turned into martha stewart and so he had to eat dirt – Pancakes

  4. via BoingBoing – “From 1955 issues of Scientific American: Three ads for advanced weapons systems from Ford, featuring a cuddly teddy bear and toy soldier duo. Click here to see the full, uncropped version of the ad. I like how the teddy bear is riding the torpedo Slim-Pickens-style, á la Dr. Strangelove.” That’s bizarre – Burdell

  5. How 49 rock stars have aged. Pat Benatar and Nancy Wilson are still pretty hot, Bowie and Springsteen look great, Steve Perry looks like he belongs in the Special Olympics, Grace Slick looks like a kindly grandfather and Iggy Pop looks like he could still easily kick your ass. – BLiggy

  6. State mandated haircuts in Iran. Just one more thing to dislike about that place. – Burdell

  7. A headline for the ages. Yes it’s real. – BLiggy

    Gay Dix

  8. Will it blend? – Vuvuzela edition. – BLiggy