1. This is the story I most often share when describing the awesomeness of Shazam; I got in the car in front of my house and this was the song that had just started playing on X92. It was new to me and I liked it a lot, so I Shazamed it. When I got the result, I pressed the “Buy on iTunes” button, bought and downloaded it. When it was over on the radio I plugged the iPod in to the car stereo and played it again. That, my friends, is a powerful demonstration of how the internet can work for artists. Die Mannequin got a new fan and buyer of their music in less than 3 minutes. – BLiggy

  2. This might just be the funniest sentence written in 2010 so far: “A German student “mooned” a group of Hell’s Angels and hurled a puppy at them before escaping on a stolen bulldozer, police have said.“. Thanks to my pal Yannis for posting this on Facebook. – BLiggy

    that is so not funny but it would be really funny if he threw a cat or a squirrel. – Pancakes

  3. My friend Jes posed this question regarding oilpocalypse today: “Why isn’t something being done?!?!?!? This is so heartbreaking.” and then she posted this link so you can get a good idea how massive this spill is by placing it over a map of your hometown. Enter your location and press “Move the spill”. – BLiggy

    Coincidentally, my friend April posted the following right around the same time: “Canada has a product (AC Carbon – Oil Absorbent Polymers) that would help clean up the oil and BP & the government aren’t using it!” Here is one site that explains it. – Burdell

    if you’re not bummed out enough yet then watch this. – Pancakes

  4. Funny because it’s true, but painful because it’s true,. (Thanks Paige) – Bliggy

  5. How to make or fake the perfect Sangria. (You’re welcome Paige) – Bliggy

  6. This rocks for a couple of reasons…1) Because the site is run by self-proclaimed “bitchy, funny gay guys” 2) Because the bitchy, funny gay guys coined the very useful and soon to be abused by me acronym “WTFery”BLiggy

  7. *NERD ALERT* It’s a geek fantasy come true as two Netherlands-based designers have created a piece of furniture built entirely out of Lego 25,000 blocks.

  8. I have very little time for football and the World Cup, but this Nike football ad is drowning in awesome sauce. Particularly enjoyed the Wayne Rooney part. – BLiggy