Kinda surprised nobody commented on the Blog Jockey joke. I guess I thought it was funnier than it really was.

  1. [audio:|titles=Death Trip]Song o’ the Day for day 2 of the Shazam/iTunes theme is “Death Trip” by Bad Livers. It’s not really what I’d call country, but it’s hillbilly. I like almost anything if it has a banjo in it, and I think I also hear a tuba so +10 internets for that.
    I heard this song on some TV show about a year ago. It was playing behind some dialogue, and yet Shazam was able filter out the speech and identify it. Really an amazing app that is available for iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Windows and Nokia. I bought the (RED) version. – BLiggy

  2. The giant Australian USB spaghetti cable monster has been on the back-burner for a few days, so I’m finally going to post it and move along. It’s not that interesting. I’d skip it if I were you. – BLiggy

  3. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha i want this look at how happy my cousin keith is in the picture i would give it two thumbs up but i don’t have any thumbs – Pancakes

  4. Is Afghanistan really going to be “the Saudi Arabia of lithium”? It seems they should have been for years already. It’s hard not to think there’s some sort of conspiracy theory involved here. By all accounts, people in the know have been aware of the massive mineral, metal and gemstone deposits since at least the 70’s. As geologist Bonita Chamberlain, who has spent 25 years working in Afghanistan, said “This is NOT new. Perhaps this also hints at the real reason why we would be so intent on this war.” – Burdell

  5. BLiggy senses some opportunity. Rent a White Guy. – BLiggy

  6. yay for turtles i like turtles because they aren’t creepy like stupid cats who i don’t like because they would rather eat you than help you. turtles. – Pancakes

  7. My parents were awesome.BLiggy

  8. After yesterday’s bummer story about Nigeria and today’s heavy story about Afghanistan, this is needed. My favourite SNL digital short ever. – Bliggy