1. SoD – “The Music Scene” by Blockhead. Not really my taste in music, but the video is so trippy. – BLiggy

  2. 15 things you should know about caffeine. – Burdell

  3. Iggy Pop

    This isn’t exactly new, but if you’ve never read Iggy Pop’s tour rider then you owe it to yourself to do so. It’s18 pages, so set aside a few minutes. It’s well worth the time, particularly the conclusion “Dead Dog Island”. – BLiggy

    not funny – Pancakes

  4. Sci-fi without the fi…so Sci-fa I guess.
    Exhibit A) Lungs rebuilt in Yale lab and transplanted into rats (hat tip to @Fiona_Godsman for this).
    Exhibit B) Dozens of people who were blinded or otherwise suffered severe eye damage when they were splashed with caustic chemicals had their sight restored with transplants of their own stem cells.
    Exhibit C) A normal inkjet printer could give you a new patch of skin and help save the lives of burn victims everywhere.
    – Burdell


  6. A fortunate photographer proves that lightning sometimes does strike twice. – BLiggy

  7. “Buy a case” – Steve Jobs. Thank you to everybody who paid good money to be an iPhone4 beta tester. I’ll get the next generation when all the bugs are worked out (same goes for iPad). Besides, the next one will be an i5. – BLiggy

  8. Do not watch this video if you don’t want to laugh. – Pancakes