1. The final installment of the Shazam/iTunes theme, and my latest favourite song; “Mountain Man” by Crash Kings – BLiggy

  2. A brief guide to boogers.Burdell

  3. This is good news if you’re a guitar player with an iPhone or iPod Touch. Now you can plug a guitar and/or microphone directly into it and record with your FourTrack app. Combine it with a Line 6 Variax, a pedal or two, and Instant Drummer and all of a sudden you have a pretty flexible and portable 4 track digital studio. – BLiggy

  4. Every little bit helps. Korn’s Jonathan Davis is urging artists to boycott BP over the oilpocalypse. In a statement issued Friday, the rock singer says he has gathered a coalition of artists, including Lady Gaga, Creed and the Backstreet Boys, and they have agreed not to use fuel sold by BP or their affiliates on their tours this year. – Burdell

  5. I’m a pretty curious guy, but I can honestly say I’ve never wondered about this.BLiggy

  6. Glasses; the ultimate image changer. – BLiggy

  7. The legendary “Brown Note”? – BLiggy

  8. After a record-setting 1,152 days at sea, a New York sailor was welcomed home yesterday by a 22-month-old son he was meeting for the first time. I’ve been following this guy’s adventures since his first year at sea. An amazing accomplishment. – Burdell