“Every day people are leaving the church and returning to God” ~ Lenny Bruce

  1. What is BLiggy listening too? “London Bridge” by Bowling for Soup. The guys are one of my fav real bands, and also one of my fav cover bands. Consistently amusing.

  2. Just in case anybody gives a crap, Anne Rice has quite being a Christian. ~ BLiggy

  3. Photographer Sergey Larenkov uses computational rephotography to overlay WWII-era photographs on their corresponding modern settings. The results are both spooky and stunning. Wired Magazine explains it. ~ Burdell


  4. Japanese nanotech space underwear means you can wear the same pair for a month straight. My question is, if you’re basically all alone on the ISS, why not just go commando? ~ BLiggy (hat tip to Paige)

  5. How a tiny magnet could produce a force field big enough to protect a space ship. ~ BLiggy (with a hat tip to Rick Gold and Montgomery Scott)

  6. Eat your lawn. Advocates say “wild foods” are full of vitamins and minerals, so full in fact, that you might have a strong reaction to them: “We generally eat weak food, and when you eat something that’s real, your body might react.” I’m pretty sure that’s code for throw up. ~ BLiggy

  7. 36 studio reels that will knock your socks off. ~ BLiggy

  8. Take the midnight train. ~ BLiggy