It was cold this morning. Everyone on the StinkTrain platform was bundled up. Gloves, boots, parkas with hoods. Indistinguishable blobs on their way downtown. A herd of frozen zebra worker drones covered in layers of Thinsulate®.

As the train pulls in, this pudgy little kid – I’d guess about five years old – runs up to the door. You know that half run little kids do when they want to beat the adults to the elevator button. That.

I couldn’t tell if it was a boy or girl, because it was wearing a hood. As it elbowed it’s way in front of me to get to the door button, I thought “what the hell…I can push the button on the way home this afternoon. Let the kid have its fun.”

When we got on the train it made a dash to secure the best seat, selected one, changed it’s mind for some inexplicable reason, then selected what it calculated to be the perfect seat. “Funny…typical kid.” I thought. I sat behind it. “Stupid kid. Now I have the perfect seat. Rookie mistake.” Then it took off it’s hood and IT WAS A GREY HAIRED MAN!

I can’t explain the childlike behavior, because he didn’t seem to have Down Syndrome or anything. But really, the cool thing was that I started my day with a dwarf sighting. Two thumbs up.

Tom Cruise spent the entire trip with his head pressed against the window like a little boy on his first plane trip. It was bizarre.

Great way to start the day.